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Why Choose 3D Design Academy?

1. Instructor with 12+ Years of Industry Experience.

2. Teaching experience at the world-renowned College for Creative for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI.

3. Free Portfolio Review, and Interview Preparation for Students.

4. Largest Collection of Alias Tutorials with 700+ Videos.

5. New Tutorials and Lessons Added Constantly.

6. US-Based Training and Support.

7. Successful Students with Job Placement at Automotive Companies Around the Globe.

Students were hired by these companies!

  • Daeyeong Hyun – Canoo, Torrance, CA, USA
  • Chris Lee – General Motors, Warren, MI, USA 
  • Soojin Lim – General Motors, Warren, MI, USA 
  • Soohyun Lim – Lucid, Newark, CA, USA
  • Jongmin Choi – Toyota(Calty), Newport Beach, CA, USA
  • Beom Soo Kim – DSD digital modeling studio, Suwon, S. Korea
  • Yeongsoo Choi – General Motors, Warren, MI, USA 
  • Wendy Kim – Rivian, Irvine, CA, USA
  • Samel Jeong – General Motors, Warren, MI, USA
  • Kyujin Kim – Pixlhut, Farmington Hills, MI, USA
  • Unseop Chung – General Motors, Warren, MI, USA
  • Shauryavratt Kapoor – General Motors, Warren, MI, USA

What People Say

What students said about 3D Design Academy

Yeongsoo Choi

Yeongsoo Choi – Creative Digital Sculptor (GM)

“Soochan is one of the best academic mentors regarding Alias modeling I met. He knows how to teach by looking at it from the student's perspective and will guide you with the reasons why it should be that way.”

Wendy Kim – Creative Digital Sculptor (GM)

"Courses from the 3D Design Academy will give you confidence in Alias. The class provides it all, starting from the basics of Alias to even advanced surfacing. Whether it is basic or advanced modeling, the lessons are planned out thoroughly and explained easily for students to perfectly understand why things are being done."
Samel Jeong

Samel Jeong – Creative Digital Sculptor (GM)

"Soochan’s Alias class was a classic! The class helped me improve the fundamental knowledge of Alias. Not only did he explain the tools, he also taught me how to approach the model. Additionally, it was very easy to understand because he explained in a very concise manner without unnecessary information. I recommend this class to anyone who wants to improve their Alias skill set!"
Daeyoung Hyun

Daeyoung Hyun

"Soochan is the best instructor for learning Alias. Before I took Soochan’s class, I didn't know about Alias besides just basic knowledge, moving the camera or making a curve. After college, when I decided to learn Alias, I panicked because Alias was too hard to learn by myself. So, I tried to find some tutorials, but none of it was useful. Meanwhile, one of my friends, who is working at GM, recommended Soochan Lee to learn Alias and I took his class. I have been taking his class for around 5 months and I can make a product on my own. And the most important thing is I got a job offer from GM. I guarantee no one can be better than Soochan Lee."
Unseop Chung

Unseop Chung – Creative Digital Sculptor (GM)

"Soochan is the best instructor I ever had. Soochan is knowledgeable, professional, understanding, and detail oriented. Soochan’s class contents are well structured, and he demonstrates the best practice in building a clean and solid Alias model. Soochan is the best instructor if you are willing to develop Alias skillsets in both academic/career paths."
Chris Lee

Chris Lee – Student (College for Creative Studies)

"I enjoy taking classes with Soochan. I have been impressed with the excellent service. Soochan works hard to make sure I understand the topic. Some of the topics, you can never get from the school.  Highly recommend Soochan to anyone who wants to learn Alias."
Jinkyun Kim

Jinkyun Kim

"If you want to become a 3D modeler, take this class. You will never regret it. It contains all the processes of Class-A modeling and the A to Z of Alias. If you go through the tutorial chapter by chapter, from understanding the tools, modeling skills, approaching the problem and the process of solving the problem, Alias will no longer be a difficult tool for you."

Soochan Lee

Founder and Principal Instructor at 3D Design Academy LLC


Soochan Lee is a Lead Digital Modeler with 10 years of industry experience in both concept and Class-A surfacing.

He started his career at GM after graduating from the College for Creative Studies in Transportation Design. His work includes several high-profile projects, such as the first mid-engine C8 Chevrolet Corvette and Cruise Origin autonomous shuttle. After a 9 year stint, he joined Canoo as a Senior Modeler, working on various projects, including the Lifestyle Vehicle, Pickup Truck, and the Multi-Purpose Delivery Vehicle. Now, Soochan is back at GM as a Lead Digital Sculptor for the Branded Advanced Team, working on future designs for the GMC Exterior Studio.

Having taught Alias classes at the College for Creative Studies as an Adjunct Faculty, Soochan brings an abundant knowledge of surfacing and industry experience. Many of his students now work at various OEMs including GM and Rivian, commanding top salaries, with private tutoring students at 100% job placement rate after completion of their portfolio.

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