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Autodesk Alias & Digital Sculpting

Autodesk Alias is a family of Computer-aided industrial design (CAID) software predominantly used in Automotive Design and Industrial Design for generating Class A surfaces using Bézier surface and NURBS modeling method.

Autodesk Alias is a professional software which costs thousands of dollars if you were to get the commercial license. However, Autodesk provides educational version for free if you are a student or an educator. The software can be downloaded at

Also called digital modeling, surface design, etc., digital sculpting is the use of CAID tools, such as Autodesk Alias to create digital models in the automotive, marine, aircraft, sporting equipment, packaging electronic enclosure, children’s toy, and fashion accessory markets.

Alias modelers can make high salary, especially if you work in the automotive industry. Starting salary can be around $60,000 per year if you are a contract employee with no prior experience in Michigan. However, it can climb to over $150,000 per year for senior digital sculptors with 10+ years of experience in California.

There are several ways to become a digital sculptor, but the most common path is graduating from a 4-year art and/or design college and have a strong digital modeling portfolio. There are also colleges such as Macomb Community College, and College for Creative Studies in Michigan, which provide certificate and 2-year programs specifically designed for digital and clay modeling.
That said, however, the most important thing is to have a strong portfolio which showcases good modeling skills. This is where 3D Design Academy comes in. By following our course, you can learn Alias and build a very strong portfolio to showcase your skills. We had students with completely unrelated degrees get into the Big 3 automotive companies with a strong portfolio.

Our students have gotten jobs at major OEMs such as GM, and startups such as Lucid Motors and Rivian.

3D Design Academy

The membership is $219 for the first month, and then $149 per month.

We currently have 4 courses ranging from fundamental courses such as Alias Basics to advanced car tutorials, such as Audi E-Tron course.

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