Student Success Stories!

Join us and learn from the best!

Chris Lee – Student (College for Creative Studies)

Chris approached me for help during his Junior year at the College for Creative Studies, wanting to pursue a career as an Alias modeler. Thanks to his schooling, he already had a very good understanding of navigating the Alias software and basic modeling concepts. However, he wanted a higher-level education. To meet his goal, I tailored our 1:1 tutoring sessions to be project-based, working on a full exterior. During our project, he even secured a summer internship at General Motors as a digital sculptor. He continued with the 1:1 sessions, until he completed a very high fidelity, NURBS project of a full exterior. At the end of the successful internship, he received an offer for a direct position, 1 full year ahead of his graduation!

Samel Jeong – Creative Digital Sculptor (General Motors)

When Samel Jeong approached me for 1:1 tutoring, he had recently left a modeling program at a nearby college. The problem with college programs is that they can cost thousands of dollars, but the resulting projects are often subpar in quality. There could be many reasons for this including lack of skilled instructors and not enough individual attention.

While Samel understood the Alias program and was able to put together a model, he needed to hone his skills and increase his understanding of good modeling practices. Because he had some knowledge, we decided to take a Q&A approach, where he would initiate a project and I would help him with areas that he might have difficulty with. With this, he was able to learn professional-level modeling standards. Combine that with his hard work, he was recently offered a direct position at General Motors as a Creative Digital Sculptor!

Unseop Chung – Creative Digital Sculptor (General Motors)

Unseop’s journey was quite an interesting one. He was a program manager at Hyundai Mobis with a math degree from Penn State University, but he wanted to become an Alias modeler. I initially expressed concern that if he pursued this path, he would have to restart his career. He had zero experience with CAD, let alone Alias. He didn’t have any art or design experience either.

Nevertheless, he was very passionate. He diligently learned Alias through my 1:1 tutoring. In a little over a year, he was able to prepare a very good portfolio and secure a position as a contract Digital Sculptor at GM. Incredibly, he transitioned to direct Digital Sculptor in only 7 months as a mid-level sculptor! His incredible diligence and passion made this work.

Jong Min Choi – Creative Digital Sculptor (General Motors)

Jongmin was a clay modeler at GM, but he was interested in learning Alias due to the shift in the automotive modeling industry into the digital space. While this transition has been happening for some time, it has accelerated recently, especially due to COVID-19.

Being a clay modeler, he already had a very good understanding of form and design language. Therefore, it was just a matter of teaching him the tools and functions within Alias. After a few months, he was able to gain enough skills, develop a portfolio of work, and convert within GM to an Alias modeler! This also makes him very marketable because most modelers know either clay or digital, but very few know both. This enables him to shift his focus depending on the workload and the stages within the design development process. Also, it enables him to find efficiencies because he has a good understanding of both, which makes him even more valuable in a tight job market. As an added bonus, he can work remote or hybrid instead of having to go into the office full time!